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Canadians spend nearly 11 hours a day on digital devices. From computers and TVs to smartphones and tablets, we rely on technology for work, entertainment, and more. 

But while these screens have made our lives more convenient, many of us experience some discomfort when working longer than 2 consecutive hours daily on a digital device. This discomfort is called digital eye strain or computer vision syndrome. Fortunately, this condition doesn’t lead to any long-term consequences, but it can be painful and distracting.

If you suffer some uncomfortable symptoms while working on a computer, book an appointment with us at IndividualEyes. We can provide you with some useful tips on avoiding digital eye strain and also check your eyes to ensure your eyes are healthy and your vision is being corrected properly for your work.

Symptoms of Digital Eye Strain

Symptoms of digital eye strain vary from person to person, but the most common are: 

  • Blurred or double vision
  • Sore, tired, or burning eyes
  • Excessive tearing
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Dry eyes
  • Headaches
  • Back, shoulder, or neck pain
  • Difficulty concentrating

Many of these symptoms are similar to symptoms caused by other eye conditions. If you experience any of these, especially if they don’t go away when you’re off your device, please book an appointment so we can check for an underlying cause.

What Causes Digital Eye Strain?

Eye strain isn’t exclusively caused by digital device use. In fact, many activities that require extended periods of focus, like reading, writing, or driving, can lead to eye strain. However, digital device use is one of the most common causes because your eyes have to work harder to maintain a clear image when viewing a digital screen. 

We also: 

  • Tend to blink less while using computers, contributing to dry eyes and discomfort
  • Use devices at less than ideal angles, causing neck, back, and shoulder pain
  • Use devices with glare, reflection, poor contrast, and brightness, making us strain to see the screen

Uncorrected vision problems, like nearsightedness, farsightedness, presbyopia, or an eye muscle imbalance, can also make your eyes work harder, leading to worse digital eye strain symptoms.

Treating Digital Eye Strain

For most, finding relief from digital eye strain involves making a few simple lifestyle changes. Taking frequent breaks, setting up your workstation properly, and remembering to blink are all easy, economical strategies for reducing eye strain symptoms. 

And of course, come see us for regular eye exams. Your optometrist can adjust your prescription, recommend devices like computer glasses, or give you additional advice for avoiding eye strain.

Our Locations

Richmond Hill

Come by our beautiful Richmond Hill location on Tower Hill Road just down from William Neal Community Park. We’re right between Tower Hill-Bathurst Animal Hospital and Aviva Nails, and there’s lots of parking available.

  • 9-372 Tower Hill Road
  • Richmond Hill, ON L4E 0T8


Find our Bolton location downtown in a unique century house on the corner of King Street West and Ann Street, right across from the Lavender Rose Day Spa and down from Tim Hortons. We have reserved parking for our patients at the rear of our building.

  • 30 Martha Street, Unit 203
  • Bolton, ON L7E 5V1

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